Volcanic Mt Elbrus (5642m) lies in the rugged Caucasus Mountains  which stretch 600km from the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea.

Elbrus is claimed to be Europe's highest peak, particularly by "Seven Summiters" – those attempting each continent's highest point. Personally I contest the Europe tag and vote for Mt Blanc – really in Europe - but that is by the by!

"Cold, Windy, Straightforward" are the keywords for this Mountain. It needs seriously good – almost Himalayan – clothing and proper acclimatization together with enough time if one is to have a decent summit chance.

Our early August 2006 visit was blessed with continuous fine weather, with a calm, -15 degree C summit day. Rare!

In 2008 High Country Expeditions is taking a break from Elbrus, after two successfull trips in consecutive years. If you are interested in future trips to Elbrus, please contact us.